Excel Add-In instead of "Download to Excel"

We are using Financial Statements and need to provide our financials to externals in a very specific format. The reports are created in Excel and have the same layout every month.
Unfortunately, the download from Phocas is completely different than the layout we need to present.
In the past I have worked with reporting software which provided Excel Add-Ins. I was able to connect the software directly with my excel reporting package so that the data got updated automatically when the file was opened. Is anything similar planned for Phocas? A direct connection to excel would be very helpful.
Thanks a lot,

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Hi Barbara
Thanks for your suggestion. We don’t have any plans for an Excel add-in at this stage. However we are about to launch a more flexible way to configure/customise columns. This should be available in late September. This may get you closer to your desired format. Please reach out to me (nick.collett@phocassoftware.com) with the specifics of your statement/report format.