Format and Layout Customization on Financials

The ability to customize the formatting on the financials would be a nice add. For example, right now Groups are shows in gray, and calculations are shown in white. I would prefer them to be the opposite. Also, the ability to bold certain lines as well would also be a nice feature. Another nice feature would be able to somehow control the order in which some things are laid out. For example, I have a Manpower group on my financials. Nested underneath that are the subledger. The sub ledgers are listed in ABC order, but I would prefer this order to be different. Rather than ABC order, I would prefer my selling sub ledgers first, then delivery, then warehouse, etc. Being able to move this around either by dragging, or sorting in some different manner would be a nice addition.


Thank you for your suggestions. Regarding the preferred styling suggestions is this preference for the application view, exports or both?

Kind regards
Financial Statements Product Manager

Both would be fantastic. Our management does look at the financials in phocas every month so they would very much enjoy that. However, I think they could live with it being just upon export. Although at that point, it would just be for adding financials to presentations without having to re-color/format them.