Financial Statements

Does anyone use the Financial Statements feature? We were hugely dissapointed when we found it was restricted to International Standards.

Would like to see a bespoke feature so we can tailor them to our Management Accounts - these would be hugely more beneficial across the business.

@StuartH Hi Stuart! Thank you for your question - it might be something we can put to our design/development team as our product is constantly evolving. @Sarah.Smith is your Account Manager and she is going to get in touch to chat through this further with you.

If any other customers do have any thoughts on this however, we would love to hear them.

I gave it a go but found it to be too restrictive

Have to agree re the restriction. I did mention this when I first saw it at a Phocas event last year. Unless you 100% fit where the accounts are coded to, then in my opinion it will not be used.

In principle it is a really good idea - a bespoke feature would make it usable for us.

Absolutely, having developed systems in the past myself they seem to have missed the first lesson in development, “talk to the user”.

Hello @Amann @coshea @StuartH . The financial statements system is evolving all the time and more flexibility is being built in as we speak. We welcome your comments and we will get in touch with you to understand your specific needs to see if we can help.

Hi Stewart,

Are there any updates to share about having a bespoke feature, the accounts can be coded to each organization?