Better filter-options in Financial Statements Accounts-mapping tab

When working with Financial Statements and the account mappings, within the edit statement windows Account-tab, there are limited options for filtering the accounts, if only some of them are relevant for the Statement being edited.

An example:
Have a database which is Multi-company, having data from 4 companies.
Setting up a CashFlow Statement for 1 of the companies. Each company have different structure, ie, 4 different CF-statements.
As such, we’re only interested in a subset of the total accounts, the one from the specific company the CF is for. Have around 5000 accounts in total, but are only interested in mapping around 1000 of them.

The suggestion below would assist much with this, but also provide better options in general for working with the account mappings, I believe. Both when mapping new accounts, or when looking at existing mappings.

There are various ways of implementing such filtering-options, but not sure which is the better “Phocas experience” - maybe one with extending the to left “Search”-field with the Grids magnifier / advanced search option.
Other means are the Excel-like column filters, adding new columns of Account properties or using the blank-space on the left-side to add some Dimension-filter/search options.