Hiding lines in Financial Statements

Does anyone know if it’s possible to hide lines in a financial statement in the Finance database? We have groups and calculations, but only want to show the calculations and somehow hide the groups that the calculations use to calculate?

In the above, for example, we want to hide cost of sales but leave the calculation that uses it-- Gross Profit.

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This is a great suggestion. We will incorporate this into our product development backlog.

I do wonder if hiding lines on a statement could cause some user confusion. Would a “calculation only” statement type meet your needs?

I suppose it could, but we are just hiding it for presentation’s sake. It makes it shorter, and the audience who will see the P&L that way understands the calculation for gross profit.

Calculation only would hide lines we still want to show, such as revenue-- but a calculation only mode would probably be useful for other applications we may eventually discover we need/want.