Export Info on Financial Statements Excel

Currently, there isn’t a lot of export info on the Financial Statement when I export to Excel. It shows the “Mode” as the title, then the Measure (Amount), the user that exported, and the date/time. I think it would be helpful if some other info was shown, such as any Dimensions I have “Focused” on. My specific example right now is that I exported a P&L for a specific branch by focusing on the branch before the export, but there’s nothing on the exported statement telling me that a specific dimension was selected, so if somebody else looks at this they wouldn’t know what this information was actually referencing. I know that this type of info is included when exporting from our Sales database already, and I think it would be helpful in Financial Statements.

Hi Tim
This makes a lot of sense. I will add it to our Financial Statements improvements backlog.
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