Statement View and Formatting


Is there some way to use the period view while looking at the statement in the “matrix view?”


It would also be very helpful to have an option to view the cumulative graph for visualized items. For example, in the attached image the red line is an estimation of the cumulative effect of the blue bars.

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Hi I just though about another useful tool.

Would it be possible to either:

  • Make an option for new streams to be associated with the Balance Sheet instead of the Income Statement? (see attached image)
    * This would be useful for Balance Sheet budgets and/or creating a Balance Sheet movement stream (where the balance is not brought forward).


  • Making a “delta” version that uses the opening and closing balances for a period to calculate the change for the month.

Related to the latter, an “average” version of the Balance Sheet would be useful too.


Hi Kai
Would you mind emailing me directly on as I would be keen to discuss these ideas with you further.
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Nick Collett
Product Manager - Financial Statements


Have there been any updates to any of the above requested functions?


Apologies Kai
Not as yet. I will reach out when we have some capacity to incorporate some of these ideas.

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