Profit & Loss Statements - not showing previous month and YTD at same time against Budget

In a Profit & Loss Statement mode, I cannot seem to show both the previous month (just completed)and the Cumulative YTD figures against Budget and include the Variance.
I have Budgets loaded and can show one month at a time and even the Cumulative YTD by itself but not together.
Many Businesses including mine, currently on a P&L will always show the month just past against Budget with the Variance and then to the right the YTD cumulative actual to Budget and Variance.
can anyone help

Hi Pete
Is this what you are looking for?

Select the “Last Period” period check box on the columns dropdown menu.

Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood your query.

HI Nick, yes I found this myself as well as Phocas didn’t say it could be done. The only problem which is minor is that I would like the month on the left and YTD on the right.

But will do for now

thanks for the reply

Hi Pete
I am the Phocas Product Manager for Financial Statements. The request for the order of these blocks to be reversed has come up a fair bit. We are considering further customisation of this screen for users and this will be one of the things we consider. I agree it is more common to see the ytd figures on the right hand side.