YTD vs Custom Period?

Is there anyway to run a P&L for YTD vs Custom Period? The Last Period check box works great if we’re looking at the current period but if we want to run this for Last Period or the period before we’ve not been able to run those.

E.g. Today is Oct 21, the Last Period check box shows me Oct 2021 vs Oct 2020 but we want to look at Sep 2021 Vs Sep 2020, then have the YTD run through to the end of September.


This will be possible in our new Column Builder functionality due out first quarter of next year. I have been considering the concept of “Last Closed Period” to allow users to ignore the current period which may not have been closed out.

Nick Collett

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Hey Nick,

I actually have this working by using having a period that runs Jan to the month I want. Then when you use the Previous and Include Last Period, you end up with Month 2021 Vs Month 2020 and Jan 2021 to Month vs Jan 2020 to Month. It’s working great!

The column builder is certainly going to help with this though as our CFO only wants to see a variance on the year not on the month, but it looks like I should be able to accomplish that in the column builder.