View Finanicals Statements with a "Moving" Period

Had a request from our Accounting team to view the Financials statements with a Moving Period for Rolling twelve months. I know the can switch from the Statements screen to the moving mode in financials. What they want to be able to view each month as the Moving twelve months in the Statements screen itself so each of the individual periods in that P&L show a Trailing twelve months.

Unless I’m missing an option that exists already They’d like a check box in the periods section of Columns below to show each period as a moving twelve, or something to that effect

Hi Luke
You will be able to achieve this using the new statement Column Builder, which we hope to be releasing in August.


I hope very much this is true! Been eagerly anticipating for 2 years now!

This is hands down #1 ask from my 450+ users. It’d be great to see this release for all databases, and not just financials.