Exporting favorite to a folder on a schedule

How would you setup an export of a favorite to either a network folder or local folder on a schedule?

Right now we have a favorite being emailed to us on a schedule, then through Outlook we have set up a rule that runs a script to move the attachment to a folder once the email is received. Is there a better way to do this?

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Interesting idea, but unlikely to be possible on the hosted platform as it is.

Potentially the only option would be for Phocas to develop a two way sync, pushing the data up to the cloud, and then pulling reports back again.

How would you know that the file you’re looking at is updated and why is the emailed version not enough?

Also, if the data is coming from your own ERP system, would an export from that system not be simpler? SQL Server Reporting Services or a SQL Stored Proceedure can automate an export of an excel file.

The outlook rule is probably the only solution in the short term.