Allow Scheduling of Reports for others and other collaboration items


Maybe I am missing something, but it would be great if I as a user created a report and not only could share, but also subscribe a user to this report.

Kind of along these lines, if someone shares a report or emails you a report from Phocas, it would be great if it showed who sent the report without having to log in and see the owner.

Nick Deccio



I agree, but think this might need the option to be restricted under the permissions.

I think there is a risk that reports are emailed to people who don’t actually want it and they have to unsubscribe themselves. Technically spaming your colleagues!

I’m proposing internally a “reportinguser”. A specific account that builds and owns centralised reports which are verified and audited. I can see that this user account could use what you’re proposing circulating a defined report to a specific set of users.



As an administrator you can subscribe people to reports you share with them, I do this a lot as my users want the reports but are not confident in setting up their own subscriptions.

As for the second part of your post, that would be a nice addition to see who created the subscription, if you didn’t of course.



Ah! I see where you can do it if you go under Admin - Favorites. You then highlight the report and anyone who has had the report shared with them can then be subscribed. Nice, that this is available. I still think it would be easier if you had the option to subscribe when you share the report.

Thanks for the help!


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Hi @ndeccio great suggestion. I’ve added your input to an existing suggestion for improving the email export. I’ve also created a new suggestion around being able to share and subscribe others when creating a favourite. I have a concept (which includes bulk subscribing) for this which I may get you and the others here to review.

@StuartH we’ve now included the ability to unsubscribe directly from the email users. This should allow a user to reduce their spam.

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