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We have a number of users who are good at creating reports, however often tick colleagues in reports that they believe they’d like to see.

However, often while this is useful - you then need to filter the reports down to just “Personal” to keep track of what is yours.

Could do with the option to remove yourself from someone elses shared report. Looking at it I thought you could but it appears not.



Hi Stuart,
I get that too a lot, but I just Trash Can the ones I don’t want. I originally thought I was trashing the whole report off both of our Phocas setups - theirs and mine, but it only trashes my link to the shared favourite. The original person’s favourite stays intact. :slight_smile:

Hope this is what you’re after?

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I thought there was a trash can, but that only appears on my reports.

Shared ones have no way of removing.



Hi @StuartH,
I think you might be hitting the issue where someone has saved a favourite into a folder, not necessarily to you personally.

In your screenshot I see the 3rd Fav is shared inside of Purchasing Folder. You might have your name ticked on on that folder in Admin / Folders.
In your Profile, do you have the “Share with Folders” option un-ticked?
If so, you then might not be able to save or mange the items in that folder, therefore the Trash option isn’t available to you.

Mine is set like this:

Whereas a user who cant delete or create favourites in folders would have that option un-ticked I think.

How do things look in your Profiles?

The good thing with this unticked, is people can’t create loads of Favourites in your lovely folders, cluttering them up. But the draw-back, is they don’t have the facility to do exactly that. Hmmm :slight_smile:
This profile tweaking is a bit complicated.

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Thanks Rich, I’ll get that checked out - we tried to start using folders as reports were getting messy with basically one random pot but it wasn’t meant to automatically share them out to everyone.



@StuartH @richj you guys seemed to have worked this out.

Yes - if you own the favourite the trash can will delete the favourite, if you are only shared with it, the trash can will only delete your shared link.

You will always see favourites which have been shared with folders you have access to. There is no way of removing them. I suggest restricting the ability to share with folders to administrators or content creators only. This can be controlled at the profile or individually for folders in folder administration (“allow posts to this folder” checkbox).



Ah, that’s good. I’ve raised the suggestion internally to have a specifc user that can add to folders - these would then be verified and audited reports.

Didn’t realise you could restrict the folder share to only be added by certain people though. Will have a look.