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Is there a way that I can give a User the ability to view only favorites and dashboards?

If they want to make changes they would need to clone, or change it and save as their own.

If so, how?



Here’s the way I do it. Take a look at the “Manage Favorites” and “Manage Dashboards” options. If the user has those checked, they can overwrite favorites and dashboards that are shared to them. If they do not have that option, but do have the “Save Favorite” (or “Save Dashboards”) options, then they can take an existing favorite shared to them, and save it as a copy, but not overwrite the original.

I think that’s the way it works. At least it seems to work for me!



You beat me to it @aaron.roma! Thanks for contributing, we appreciate it.



Ah great, glad someone asked this.
I have had a go using this and found a couple of things to think about.

When trying to manage Favourites, it can be handy to put “Standard Company Favs” into a Phocas Folder. This way you can share instantly to people who are given that folder. Rather than use Sharing to Individuals.
Then using the handy profile settings Aaron mentions above, the favourites can be viewed, but not changed. Great!

But, if they do use the Save Favourite function and then give it a new name, it saves their new fav into that same original folder for everyone else to see too. Depending upon the size of your team of people using that folder this may or may not become an issue to you.

A way around this could be to un-tick the option in their profile, Collaboration: Share With folders.

This way, the viewer of the favourite can still see the original and can make a personal copy of the favourite, but it then doesn’t go into the folder too. Less Mess! :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts! Always be careful when changing global settings like Profiles as they can have wide-reaching security implications.

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Yep, we rely heavily on folders. We’re using the folders as sort of a pseudo security setup. For instance, we have a “Branch Manager” folder where we will share items pertinent to that position. Everyone in that position (or higher) has access to that folder. You can also setup custom profiles. That’s what we ended up doing. We have a profile for most users that allows them to save their own favorites and dashboards, and share with individual users. Then we have an advanced profile which allows the users to share with folders.



Thanks everyone. I will try these out.