Check or Uncheck all When Selecting Users

Not a particularly thrilling or groundbreaking request, but would it be possible to add a check or uncheck all button to the users selection pane in the new dashboard window?

When sharing a dashboard with the majority of our users, it is very tedious to check every box individually. Similarly, when cloning a shared dashboard to create a working/experimental dashboard, it is equally tedious to uncheck all users.


Whilst I completley agree a select all users option and filter for user name for selecting on a dashboard/favorite would be very useful and time saving, in your use case have you looked at folders?

You can assign a favorite/dashboard using this approach which means you only have one area to manage your users access to multiple dashboard/favorites.

Apologies in advance if you are aware and teaching you how to suck eggs!



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Thank you Jon.

Yes, I’m aware of folders, but we don’t use them mostly out of preference. They create an additional maintenance burden when we have changes in role or personnel, and currently only our admin users can create folders or add/remove users to/from them. It would not be a good solution for our regular employees like the check/uncheck option.

As an example: Some of the dashboards that I make with widespread user bases will be copied by a user to be customized or in some way altered, and then it will appear for the same user group as I shared mine with. Ultimately, I then have to take over the board, uncheck all the users but one, and reassign ownership of the board to the copier.

I appreciate the response. You are one of the reasons this user forum is so lively, and your promptness is always welcome. No need to apologize for offering help!


Maybe I’m misunderstanding your use case, but to me folders would make sense. You can have a folder, say called “All Users”, that everyone would be a member of. When you create a dashboard or favorite you want to publish to all users, just publish it to that folder rather than checking all users. You can also control who can and cannot share to a folder. (Just because someone belongs to a folder, they don’t have to have share rights to the folder.) So in your example you gave, if a user copies a dashboard or favorite to customize it, it won’t automatically be shared back out to everyone, if they don’t have the permissions. They could only use it for their personal use. (Or they can have the option to share it with some individuals.)

As far as the additional maintenance issue goes, I would think folders would make this easier. In our case, we have folders setup for different departments. For instance, we have a “Credit” folder. We shared all relevant dashboards for our Credit / Collections department with this folder. So, if we have a change in personal, say we hire a new credit officer, when this user is setup in Phocas, we simply add him to that one folder, and he gets all applicable dashboards. Otherwise, I’m going to have to locate and add each individual dashboard to this user. (Obviously this can be easier by coping an existing user, but this also applies for the folder as well.) If I create a new dashboard for credit, I share it to all of them with one click, rather then having to select each individual user.

To me, using the folders is much less maintenance then not using them. But maybe I’m missing something in your scenario.

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Sounds like you’re understanding it fine. We just do not use folders. I don’t have access to them either, so it is not an option for me.