Nice To Have: Visual Improvement - Databases assigned to folders

As dashboards, favourites & alerts are filterable by the folders drop down box, it would also be beneficial to also assign databases to folders, Currently when I filter to the “Finance” folder I still see 20 databases, it would be great if that 20 was reduced to the databases that have been created assigned for that folder.

Its manageable without it, but it is confusing to users seeing more databases that specified by the drop down, I have already been asked “Why am I seeing the Inventory database when I have filtered to the finance folder?”

You could argue that security would reduce this, but security isn’t really the issue here, as senior staff will have several databases on hand and the requirement is just a means of hiding them via the folders option.

For example our “Finance” folder has two databases in use (Sales & Finance), so would be good to be able to assign a database to multiple folders, to reduce the list. I.e.

  • User selects “Sales” folder sees the DBs Inventory & Sales
  • User selects “Finance” folder sees the DBs of Finance & Sales
    In the above example sales needs to be in the folder of both Finance and Sales, but would not appear in the other folders created such as “Materials”.

As I say, would be a nice to have, but not the end of the world.


Hi @JonKemp-
You can Filter the Phocas Home Screen by folder or by database. If you select your finance database it will filter all favorites and dashboards to the ones related to the finance database. Right now, you can only select one database at a time. Hope this helps for now!



Hi @divya.orr,

Thank you for taking the time to respond,I am aware of that option but as my message says, I could have multiple databases associated which was the reason of the product suggestion on the “Folder” filter not database.

Kind Regards,