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Hi All,

I have followed the add shortcuts links in the designer.

I was wondering if anyone has had any success with all criteria selected on one dashboard to pass across to another dashboard?

The example I have is we did had 1 dashboard with over 100 widgets, which I have now convinced the business to split up into 3 dashboards (Sales, Brands & Customer dashboards), The thing is when they have filtered on lets say the sales dashboard they want to see the brand dashboard with all the criteria applied carried across. Currently looking at the designer documentation you have to specify the dimensions you want to filter on for example:

dashboard:Customer Score Card|Customer=%%

Since we have several dimensions that the user has selected, I was wondering if there is a shortcut to handle all the criteria?

dashboard:Customer Score Card|ALLCRITERIA

Look forward to any feedback.




Will “Link To Dashboard” within the widget do the trick?

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Hi @anon90441911,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunatley not. Example

Sales Overview dashboard has 2 widgets which are used in the criteria (dimensions filtered on)
Business Function = Distributors (link to dashboard enabled)
Location = Central Europe.

With both filters applied, the link to dashboard widget feature (on the Business Function widget) when clicked on, carries forward the Business Function criteria only, the other criteria of location is lost.

Also, since there are 3 dashboards, I want the end user to choose which of the other two dashboards to go to. For example, I have chosen a Brand and the user would decide on seeing customer related data (Customer dashboard) or Part related data (Part dashboard).

I will leave the post for one more day before changing to a feature request.

Thanks for your suggestion,


Totally agree, I had hoped this was already possible as we’re using dashboards more and more.

In my current world I have each line being an increasing level of detail.

The way it works for me is ok for now but I can see instances where I’d need what you’re suggesting - particularly with the more complicated the layering gets.

Obviously the bit that does work is the Analyse function, that does carry all filters out.

Yes! Definitley agree with this.