Create a "Button" Mode for graphs


We can have the mode of “Search” which is great to show the available dimension members, what would be excellent is if the Search mode could become button mode. For example a search mode of this:
Would become this:
This would allow users a very clear and easy way to select the options they are after rather than it being text based. This would save space on the dashboard as well.


Is there anything more you could add here to further describe the concept? Thanks.


Hi Tim,

Sure, sorry if I didn’t explain clearly. I have made lots of dashboards in other systems and one thing that I am very keen to do is reduce real estate wastage. On most dashboards, you create objects for the generic then allow the user to reduce the result set to the specific by use of key dimension selections. The “Search” mode as a widget does this as it only returns the dimension values not the metrics associated. This allows the user then to focus on that element. The display requirement I am suggesting is that this is a table list which is somewhat large and requires scroll bars to view all data and therefore uses up the left hand side of the dashboard like this (using stacked mode on line):

Or (using equal widths):

As you can see that we have large spaces both due to the search list being long. We can shorten this to a scroll bar but for a key dimension selector it would be advantageous to see all the attributes at the same time. So what I was suggesting was having the “search” mode of the widget to be a button list so it would appear like these variations:


These are somewhat like the slicers you get in Excel or PowerBI (QlikView has something similar). These can be vertical or horizontal, and reduce space used. It would be also great if is showed what was selected rather than hiding the list (showing potential values), this is far trickier to create back end I imagine but the ability to have selecting buttons rather than a list would be very useful.

Please let me know if you require any further information.




@JonKemp we’re actually working on a proof-of-concept that will reduce wasted space on dashboards, which should address this issue. Would you be interested in testing it and providing feedback before it is released?


Hi @Tim.Leonard.

Absolutely! Very happy to assist where I can. Please email me when you are ready.

Kind Regards,