Hiding the Search box on a Widget



Not all widgets we are using require the search box and its taking up real estate on the screen. Please can you add this to the roadmap. here is an example


Thanks again for the suggestion Jon. We agree that the search isn’t always needed; but in an attempt to keep things simple, we attempted to make the search box ‘slim’, and eliminate any gap between it and the grid.

Do you see it as a user selectable option?


Hi Tim,

That’s a very good point. If this could be controlled from within the widget design like this:

And on the main dash we had this on the title bar of the widget by means of a toggle, this would mean every time you go into the dashboard it takes the default widget config but allows the user to turn it on/off if required:



@JonKemp I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve taken on board your suggestion and have resolved it in the latest release, due Sunday 18th Nov. See https://help.phocassoftware.com/display/userdoc/Phocas+7.4.4+release+notes



Thanks @Tim.Leonard !