Dashboard Criteria Screen issue



Sorry me again, somewhat minor but thought I would raise this.

When you focus on several properties on the same dimension, the dashboard toolbar (where the criteria is shown) the criteria word wraps to be underneath the toolbar and you are not able to click clear that criteria. The only way to resolve (that I can see) is change the zoom of the page to let the criteria appear on the tool bar. As per example below:

If you adjust the zoom, you will see that the criteria is now on the toolbar and can be cleared:

One possible solution to this is to provide a means of expanding the toolbar perhaps like this:

When clicked it expands the toolbar to accommodate the selections:

Let me know if you believe there is a better way of fixing this.




Hi @JonKemp. You’ll be pleased to know that this issue has been resolved in version 7.4.3 due out this month. When your environment is upgraded let me know if the issue


Hi @will.marriott,

Just an update, this works wonderfully. Great work!