Odd behavior with dashboard widget

I’ve had an issue brought to my attention about an odd behavior with a dashboard widget. I’ve been able to duplicate the issue. Curious if anyone else has seen this.

This particular query is a custom mode query with a calculation in it. The default view of this query is listing the value out by warehouse location. The issue is, if you select one warehouse, and focus on that location, the number changes. BUT, if you hit analyze on that query to bring it up full screen first, then hit Focus, the number stays the same. Focusing within this query changes behavior depending on if it’s on a dashboard or not. Note, while the original dashboard had multiple queries, in my testing, I only have this one query on the dashboard. I’m including a couple of screenshots to show you what I’m talking about. The first image shows the query as a dashboard widget, before and after focusing on one location. The second image shows the same query, after first hitting analyze to pull it off the dashboard, then focusing on a single location. Note how the value changes significantly when using on the dashboard.

Image 1:

Image 2: