Limit Rows in Dashboard Widget summing % in total line


I’ve come across an issue with the limit rows feature in dashboard widgets. I’m not sure if it’s due to the database design, or a bug in the software.

When ever I try to limit rows, for example to display top 10 customers, items, etc, the total at the top of the query will sum all measures including percentages. Some %Measures make sense, like allocations (always sum to 1). However, most ratios do not make sense - GM%, turns, etc.


Has anyone else come across this issue, and what was the solution?


I’ve not paid attention to that particular issue, but I’ve experiences other issues with the row limits on a dashboard widget. Are you sure you’re even getting the correct “top 10”? You can read more about my issue here: Dashboard Widget Limit Rows Not Behaving as Expected But basically, when I tell it to limit to the Top X rows, it seemingly randomizes the order and does not return the correct list. Turning off the limit results in the list being in the correct order.

I tested a couple various widgets: a customer listing and a vendor listing. When I limited to Top 10, the sort didn’t change. However, I already have the grid query sorted by sales descending. The top 10 listed was the same prior to the limit row parameter. Also, the aggregation is technically correct, I just don’t understand why the total sums the ratios in the widget, when the grid query does not (i.e focusing on the top 10).

Any Phocas developers on here that can help? :slightly_smiling_face: