Hiding the search box on a widget?


Hi Gurus,
Been searching the docs but cannot find it. Is it possible to have the search box hidden on certain widgets?

Not all widgets we are using require it and its taking up real estate on the screen. If there isn’t a way, how do I go about getting this as a suggestion on the Phocas road map?

Here is an example:


Hi Jon! Currently there isn’t a feature to turn the search bar off, However, that only appears on a dashboard widget that is in the grid format. I will be happy to pass your suggestion of having the search bar be turned on/off as an enhancement in future versions.


Hi Erin,

Yes please. This would be a great addition to the product. Quite a lot of our grids are summary level with only 7 - 10 rows on the dashboard, so having a search is not really useful in these scenarios and we could line up our objects and get some space back on our screens.




I agree with Jon. It would be nice to turn off the search box when not needed. I too have several dashboard widgets that just have a few rows, with no search needed!