Create a report with no measures

We would like to be able to create reports that don’t have a measure. Sometimes we want to generate a report that shows only a dimension (Customer) and properties (address, phone number, etc).

Would you be satisfied if you just counted them? Still a measure but not too far from what you want.

It is workable of course, I can get in designer and create a bogus measure that doesn’t mean anything or I could do a count. Just feels like it shouldn’t be much of a stretch to be able to create a report the just shows a dimension and properties about that dimension.

Use Search mode, it hides the measures.

@ShaneAngel, Although correct in principle, it does not work all the time. Quite often if you have multiple search widgets, when you focus on one of them the other still returns all possible values and does not take into account the filter that has been put in place.

I have had to use “total” mode to achieve the criteria sections of the dashboards.

@Kelly, What I have done to try to hide the measure when in the widget design of total, set them to fix the column headings, then once on the dashboard shrink the widget down to hide the measure column, its not pretty but does work:


You need to set the line to horizontal scroll so you can adjust the width of the widget.

Unless anyone else can tell me the error of my ways, search doesn’t filter correctly.


Search mode did hide the measures. Thanks!