Transaction Mode - Totals


When we are in Transaction mode, it would be great if we could get a sum like we do in the other modes. If I have a report that I don’t want to take to excel but simply want to sum the measures column, I have to highlight and drag the length of the report. It would be great to have the total just sit up top or possibly have a quick way to just highlight all the fields in a measure column.

Nick Deccio



I agree, this would be very useful!



Hi @ndeccio I’ve logged your suggestion in our system. What’s the main reason you want to see both transactions and totals at the same time? Why’s that better for you than jumping back to a summary or total mode?



Definately, although depending on what level of detail you need we’ve added a Document Reference as a Dimension.

That way we can filter for a customer, then filter for document type, then view the value of invoices against that customer by Invoice number with a total. You can then add properties as required.