Totals in Grid View

Has anyone figured out how you can selectively have totals shown for certain columns and not for others? Example would be when it sums a column which is a cumulative total. It gives a crazy number that means nothing and confuses the person receiving it. Yet you do want it to total the sales by day etc. Thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Jim

@jimmueller ,

I appreciate this comment, pretty common on stock/inventory values compared to sales totals. From what I have been told its an all or nothing solution on the database here:

Semi-additive measures (stock amounts) make it difficult to have in same DB. As a workaround I have had to create two DB’s one housing the values I do not want to total such as stock values and the other with sales values that I do want to total. I then place them on a dashboard and since it is using the same dimensions it can filter correctly but its on two widgets rather than one.

To permanently rectify this, I believe this needs to be done on the DB design (where you place the measure) and mark it to not total, as already said currently its all or nothing with the above switch…unless someone else here can provide a better solution.


@jimmueller Sorry I got the wrong information please see this post I raised a while ago with the solution Snapshot data issues on display (semi additive)