Snapshot data issues on display (semi additive)

I would like to raise an issue regarding snapshot data output. I have created a small database to illustrate the issue.
We want to monitor stock, we have enabled a daily snapshot to provide the “Syncmoment”. The design is very simple as below:

Please take note of highlighted rows as will be discussed below. I have assigned the syncmoment as the date and then built the database.
With this generated we see these results:

The highlighted amounts (TOTAL) is where the issue arises. The total is adding up each day to give you a total, with stock on Part A we had 100 which then went to 50, therefore the total based on the date range above would be actually 0 not 50. These are known as semi-additive measures, where the total is actually the latest value based on the date range. If for example I changed to the 16 & 17th only, the total would be 50. The total that Phocas is displaying is a simple sum of the periods being reported on. This causes numerical inaccuracies in the results. Since there is no means of turning off the total column (raised as another feature request here) there needs to be a means of the total displaying the correct value or disabling the total all together.

Please let me know if I am missing something on snapshot data as in its current structure it makes stock analysis difficult to display to end users.

I’m pretty sure if you raise this with your contact at Phocas they will be able to sort it.

I have a stock database that has both an Inventory Balance Stream (As at x date - the same as you’re showing above) and a Movement Stream (showing the net movement of that balance in the month).

When I select the Movement Stream I automatically get a Total Column, however when I switch to the Inventory Stream, the total disappears as it is at that point irrelevant.



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Thanks @StuartH ,

I was unaware thanks for the heads up.



Hi @JonKemp, you need to edit your stream in Designer and tick the “Balance Brought Forward” box.


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Superb! thank you.
@nyphocas - Could this post please be moved to tips and tricks so it is no longer classified as a product suggestion?

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