How to setup a Slicer-like list on a Dashboard, without values

Hi there, long time no see everyone! Hope all are well.

I have recently seen a video of someone creating a dashboard which contains a widget which contains a list of items from a Dimension. But the list had no values on the right, so it appeared like a Slicer in Excel.
Sadly, in the video they didn’t explain that part of how they created it.

I get that I could use Flex mode, and over-lap widgets to hide the value section with another widget, but I felt there might be an out of hte box method to do this?

Here is an example I found of what I am after:

Happy Dashboard building everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi @richj ,
This is “search” mode. I dont use it as if you have multiple search widgets, they show ALL records and dont filter down. I.e. Country and then Brand, I know Brand A does not exists in “GB” when I filter on the first search widget, it still shows “Brand A” in the second.

I have opted to use total mode with a meaningful value that helps the end user, these widgets DO filter correctly.

I raised this with Phocas a long time ago regarding getting the search to work more like slicers in other products, even Excel slicers are much tidier than Phocas. With the dashboard enhancement work I am hopeful one day we will get more options like this.


Many thanks for the reply @JonKemp
Search Mode! Who would have thought it. :slight_smile:

So far, testing this, it seems to work well for my purposes.
@JonKemp you are a star.