Grouping "Measures" when designing a database

Hi All,

I’m aware that it is possible to group Properties using the following naming conventions in Designer:
which should result in the following:

If i’m not mistaken, this isn’t possible when designing Measures?

If so, it would also be great to have this feature also implemented for Measures so that they can be sorted into categories in the same way, eg;


Inventory->On Hand

So on and so forth.



I didn’t know you could group the properties, so I’ve just tried and it looks great on the properties drop-down but it’s made the Pilliar Description look messy. Is there a way for the pillar to ignore what’s before the ‘->’?

Ohh interesting, I’ve actually only tried this with Properties that were exclusive to the Properties menu, I’m yet to try this with Dimensions where “Include as Property” is selected. That certainly doesn’t look ideal.

I’ve been going off the “Design a database” article in the documentation here:
Unfortunately there’s no mention of how to fix the Pillar issue, but i’m guessing it’s just how it is. Would also be great to see that smoothed out in an update.

A workaround comes to mind, but it isn’t ideal.
In Designer you could use Transform Columns to create duplicates of the columns which you want to map as both Dimensions and Properties.
You could then map one as a Dimension and the other as a Property.
Then when you use the "->’ convention to group the Properties, it won’t impact the naming of the Dimensions since they won’t be related in the same way as if you were to use the “Include as Property” feature.

Adding columns is only going to add to the build time of your database though, so I guess it’s just a matter of deciding whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze.