Data not populating in DB Design

In design, I combined Sales and Inventory streams into one db. I can see the inventory OH Qty data when I am in the design screen, but after I build, and go into the custom db - all items show zero OH qty. The columns pulling data from the Inventory stream are also highlighted blue for some reason. Any thoughts on what I am dong wrong?

Sorry if this question is obvious, but you did go into each stream, and map out the columns from each stream into the appropriate dimensions and measures? (So if you built the Sales stream, first, after adding the Inventory stream, did you drag and drop the dimensions and measures back over to their corresponding spots?

Thanks Aaron. I am new to db Design. Just took the class at the forum in Dallas. I’ll check to see if they are mapped

OK good. Wasn’t sure how familiar you were with DB Designer.

Just to go a little futher, I’ll show you a screenshot example of what I’m talking about. I had a stream, and I mapped out my different fields… dimensions, properties, measures, etc. Then I added a new stream, and dragged in a new set of data. All of my dimensions and measures will still show there. But they’re sort of greyed out. I need to go down to my new data, and drag those fields to the appropriate dimensions, or measures, or properties. (And don’t forget about the date field!) When I do that, they’ll be a little bolder, and you’ll see the blue “X” to the right of the field. (See the red vs blue circled items in my screenshot below.) You don’t have to match up all fields. Anything that you don’t match up, and leave greyed out, will be blank when the DB is built. Hopefully this makes sense to you.