Strange streams issue

I have a sales database that contains three streams. It’s working great. I wanted to add another stream so I made a clone of the original database so I could test the process without impacting the original. I created the new stream, mapped everything, rebuilt the database and everything is great in this table.

However, there seems to be a problem now with the original database. I added the new stream exactly as I did in my test and when I rebuilt the table it doesn’t show any data (only zeros) in the new stream. I thought this was a problem with the new stream but when I look at the other steams that used to show data, all but the primary stream show zeros. I removed the new stream, rebuilt the table and the primary stream shows data but none of the other streams show data. It’s almost like an internal link is broken somewhere. I could potentially rename the “test” database I had created but the original database is used in several dashboards and I don’t want to have to rebuild them.

Am I missing something related to streams? Any advice on how to correct?

Note that the new and existing streams are mapped exactly like they are in the cloned db which works. Just for some reason the original db is now broken.

@MikeLowe Can’t really say for certain what happened. You mentioned you deleted the new stream and rebuilt, but things are still broken. Did you know you can revert to a previous version of the DB before any changes were made? You may give that a shot, and revert to a version before you tried adding the stream. See if things are working again, then try adding the new stream again. You can get to the versions by going into the DB design, then clicking on the “Versions” tab at the top.

I tried reverting to a version before I made the copy and it’s still not working which has me really confused now. I’ll see if I can go back even further.

Update… I’ve been told this is a bug related to cloning a database. Hoping for a quick fix.