Creating Streams

I am relatively new to this product and need to know just how to create a new stream beside existing ones. The documentation is scant. For example, in our AP Database, we have a Date basis and stream by Invoice Date. We would like to add a stream (Date basis) by Apply Date. Apply Date is one of the columns in the SQL Query and has a red dot above it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do I need to write a new SQL script?

Have you taken a look at the Phocas Academy? When I was first starting out, I found those videos very helpful. This one in particular, will give you a good overview of how the Designer works.

That being said, if you’re just trying to create a new stream, identical to the first, but based on a different date, that should be fairly easy.

(Note, please be careful in designer… you could screw up what’s already working for you!)

Start by cloning your original stream:

Edit the name of the new stream:

Remove the current date (upper right):

Down in the preview section, grab the new date, and drag it up and drop it on the date field in the upper right.

Now this new stream’s periods are based on the new date you selected. You’ll want to go to the build tab at the top, and save and build your database for the new stream to show.

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Thank you aaron.roma! That is exactly what I needed!