Transform Column Not Showing Correctly in DB Builder


Is there a known issue with transform columns not showing correctly in DB Designer? When I add a transform column to a stream, in the preview section along the bottom, the column I add appears to just show random data. Once the DB is built, the data in the transform column appears to be correct.

Here’s an example. I add a transform column called “PriceCopy”, which is just a copy of the “Price” column:

Once I add that column though, the data in the preview just appears to be random:

Same thing if I actually do any calculations in the column. Data preview just seems to be random.


Hi Aaron
Very strange ! I have not been able to replicate this issue here.
I have found the issue logged by others - I will add your comemnts to the DEV case
I reccomend you log a call with support in your area with a reference to


Transform Column not displaying expected values



I was actually building a new database today, and noticed it was working correctly. So I decided to se if I could narrow it down a bit. It appears that it may have something to do with using a view as the data source. I created a test DB with two streams. First stream used a table as the data source. Second stream used a view as the data source. In the first stream the transform columns previewed correctly. The second stream had the issue where the transform column was not previewing correctly. (Full discloser, I’m a hosted customer, so I did not created these views. They were created by Phocas services.)


Ok that is staring to make more sense - I have let the guys in DEV know about this - thankyou for the follow up comments - Great collaboration !