Create Column from two different Sync Sources

I have two different SQL statements that contain SKU and Price from two different Sync Files.
I’d like to compare them to look for differences where Price is different for the same SKU.

I can’t seem to create a column within DB designer nor on the front-end to compare the two different prices.

I logged a ticket with support, but figured I’d try on this forum as well.

Any tips/suggestions?

If you have a “partner” account (This is an account that Phocas provides so you can create views), you can create your own view. You can create a column for Price 1, and a column for Price 2.

mattdana is correct that your best options are within SQL or the partner account. If neither of these are options, here are a few potential options you could explore within EDA:

  1. If your two datasets have a one-to-one relationship, 2 options:
    a. 2 Streams using variance mode; one dataset on each stream tied together by a product dimension.
    b. One dataset set to the main stream, and the 2nd dataset tied to supporting dataset of first stream with relationship on product_id. Using Price as either properties or measures, add both columns for each dataset to use as custom filters.

  2. If your dataset has a many-to-one or many-to-many, you can try to explore creating a unique id to tie your two data sets together, and creating that ID in Design using Transformation column mode. An example might be [Product_id ~ Branch ~ Region ~ Date]. This ID would then get added as a dimension to tie the two datasets together. (I would’ve recommended creating a distinct view of ID’s and the un-concatenated values so you could “Hide” the ID value and only display Product ID & Branch, but you would need SQL or Partner to create this distinct list of ID’s)