Sync versions have Phocas version and an EDA version

There are two versions of the sync, a Phocas and an EDA version, which version is the proper to use?

There is one under the page ‘EDA downloads’ and another download under the ‘Phocas downloads’.

The one under the ‘EDA downloads’ has the following note:

*Note about number columns - From version 8.0.5 onwards, Sync recognizes number columns in Excel. This may affect database builds involving some older synced files where number columns were previously treated as text and manipulated via a ‘CAST’ expression.

I am running into a problem where my csv files in my server where my sync resides start with the ‘EDA…’ naming convention but when the sync runs I can see in the log that these files are deleted and text files are created without the ‘EDA…’ naming convention.