How to get rid of dimensions that are grayed out?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @KellyS,

If its greyed out, that means it hasn’t been mapped for the current stream/data source you are working in. Hope this helps. :+1:



Hi @KellyS,

To follow up on @ShaneAngel 's comment, it won’t fully disappear until you actually un-map all data sources/streams from the button. In your case, my guess would be that there’s a column in your “Schedule Date” stream that is still mapped to that dimension.


Thanks tim.janes and @ShaneAngel for all of your replies! I believe I was looking for Unmapping. I’ll try it out.


I had a thought after my post that you might have meant getting rid of it the other way, lucky @tim.janes was here to help :star_struck:

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