Data dictionary or how to identify dimensions not being used in the database?


This is a tall order and not sure if it could be easily done. Our sales database has a significant amount of dimensions and the build times are getting longer. My objective is to streamline the database design. Is there a way to identify which dimensions are being used on the database in Phocas?

We will want to adjust some of the dimensions to properties to reduce build time, but if we remove at the moment there is a danger that certain dashboard widgets or favourites will no longer work. Is there a way to see where each dimension is being used? Ideally in the designer or alternatively in a data dictionary so developers can monitor usage.


I see a dimension called “Sub group” (out of the 15 dimensions on Customer), how do I know it is in use anywhere?

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Hi Jon,

We have a standard “Usage” database which reports on the built-in logging functionality of the product. In the attached screenshot, I’ve selected the sales database and then switched to see which Dimensions are being used. I could further select a Dimension and see which users had accessed it month-by-month.

The usage solution is available via your account manager.




Thanks you for this information. We were not told about this. I will speak to our Account manager to enable this.

@IT_Support , please could you move this to trick and tips as clearly it is no longer a feature request.

Sorry for the miss posting.