GAP analysis by multiple categories

I want to be able to run a report that provides me a list of customers who buy a list of products that are related and see how that compares to another list of products that are typically sold together. For instance, customers who buy table lamps often buy replacement light bulbs. My example is broader than that, but that is the gist.

Does anyone have a way they do that within Phocas rather than having to export to Excel to do all the dicing and slicing?

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Hey David (@gr8tmarketer) you may find this video helpful - []
You can use Matrix mode in Phocas to achieve that type of analysis.


Had a webex with Val and 2 others in support and they couldn’t get Matrix mode to accomplish it. Any chance we might webex to review?

Hi @gr8tmarketer,
From the sounds of it you could really use a new dimension in your database which has the groups of related products defined.
Depending on your version of Phocas, you could setup a spreadsheet as your data source or setup a table in SQL to hold your groupings. And use the Sync tool to bring either one into play.
Maybe like this:
Group | Item
A | Lamp
A | Bulb
A | Plug
B | Switch
B | Cable
C | Fuse
C | Screw Driver
Z | Other

Then when that grouping is in your database as a dimension, you can do a simple Matrix with the A B C D along the top and the Customers listed down the page. Showing the Measure (Sales or Quantities) in the grid.
Main reason for putting the groupings into a Dimension, is you can only Matrix A vs B with A and B as Dimensions. You cant Matrix with Properties and you can’t define a grouping structure “on the fly” as far as I know.

That’s how I would tackle this I think. Of course you may already have a grouping defined in your source ERP system which you could bring into Phocas, but it sounds more likely this is unavailable in your case so it might take a while to get the groups defined and listed, but I wish you all the best.

Hope all goes well for you.
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