Modus: Anpassen [Apply refraction to new column]


Internally we have key figures with which we work, which I have to calculate again and again.
Phocas should do that for me!
But it is very cumbersome.

Idea: Mode - Customize
Use the result of a column to calculate a new column.
In Excel it looks like this:
Column A: Sales
Column B: Internal value 1
Column C: Internal value 2
Column D: Internal value 3
A2: 500,- €
B2: =A20.3
C2: =A2+B2
D2: = ((A2*0.5)+C2)-B2
In Phocas, I have to re-enter every value I’ve already calculated and re-enter the values for the calculation.
It would be nice if you could access other columns in the calculations.
For example like in the picture.

I would be very happy to receive your feedback

Greetings Mücke
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Intern haben wir Kennzahlen mit denen wir arbeiten, diese muss ich immer wieder berechnen.
Das soll Phocas für mich machen!
Ist aber sehr umständlich.

Idee: Modus - Anpassen
Ergebnis einer Spalte für die Berechnung einer Neuen Spalte zu verwenden.
Im Excel sieht das so aus:
Spalte A: Umsatz
Spalte B: Interner Wert 1
Spalte C: Interner Wert 2
Spalte D: Interner Wert 3
A2: 500,- €
B2: =A20,3
C2: =A2+B2
D2: = ((A2*0,5)+C2)-B2
In Phocas muss ich jeden schon berechneten Wert neu eingeben und die Werte neu angeben für die Berechnung.
Es wäre schön wenn man in den Berechnungen auf andere Spalten zugreifen kann.
Zum Beispiel so wie im Bild.

Über ein Feedback würde ich mich sehr freuen

Gruß Mücke


I agree, it would be useful to use previous results in other columns - using the @ is a good suggestion, though I presume this will be a restricted reference due to the @ mentions elsewhere in the system. Using square brackets though should be sufficient.

There is another suggestion on about storing common calculations from totally separate reports as a name (or Function) too.

What can the @ be used for ?

How likely is it that the end developers will look into the forum and implement some of the ideas?

How do I get to know about such a change?

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Developers and Product Managers do look at the forum so it’s useful to post things here.

If it’s mission critical you should raise it with your account manager also as they may know of some other customer whose had a similar problem.

@mentions are in use in the forum to tag people, e.g. @Tim.Leonard (sorry Tim :laughing:)

However they are coming into use in the collaboration area of the reporting etc so that people can discuss via Phocas some result a query.

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My suggestion is not business-critical, it would only make the work much easier.

Is there an overview of which functions are available when calculating?

Exactly this function I wanted to produce with the @, in the forum a person is referred to, when calculating on an already known result.

Collaboration area ?? what is that?

Can you send me the link to the other suggestion Calculations as a function?

In any grid report the collaboration bit is the comments section.


At the moment it just a way of having a limited conversation with someone but the use of @mentions will enhance this to highlight a new comment to that person (like it does in the forum)

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Shorthand references in custom mode gets my vote, I can make some our nasty equations much easier to handle.



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Hi @Muecke, I agree with you that custom mode can be hard when dealing with the same calculated value multiple times. This suggestion has been logged. We currently have a full backlog of work so I can’t provide a timeframe for this to be completed.

If you use these calculated values in different custom mode calculations often then I suggest you get them added as measures to the database to make it easier for you.


Sorry I haven’t been to work in a while.

@StuartH Jetzt verstehe ich das @ Zeichen. habe ich bisher noch nicht verwendet.
[EDIT] Now I understand the @ sign. I haven’t used it yet. [/EDIT] That is very good that my suggestion has found recognition, and you have included it in the to-do list.
How can I find out when you finished something like this? Newsletter? or is there a kind of ticket for it?
or do you report it here in the entertainment?

I am only a user in a large corporation, unfortunately I cannot determine what is included in our database.

Thanks, love that Will’s response is in English but mine in German. :laughing:

Grateful for Google Translate :+1:

Sorry. I always write in german and translate that then by sorry I forgot with your answer :frowning:

@Muecke we release each month and you can find out what’s included by looking at the release notes on our documentation space. Thanks for the info because I’ll look more often from now on.

You can also access it from the user icon in the top right of Phocas


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