Can we get a Master List of all functions available in Custom mode?

TDate, FDate, etc…

All the cool things that we can add to make reports dynamic and expand what we can do beyond basic algebra.

Also what are the rules with parenthesis and formulas that Phocas respects. (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!)


Hi, a nice clean list would be great!

Besides TDATE/FDATE and +,-,*,/,% the only other three that I can think of, the second two are both used in the formula:

  1. Pipe separator “|” in the title will create Column Header Groups - ex: Sales {FDATE} | Total

As for the for formula, it follows basic BODMAS principles. So for example if you wanted to calculated a percent, and display that as a 1-100% value, you would use (a/b)*100, or (a+b)/2 for an average. I haven’t found a limit to the formula, you can get as complicated as displaying a % variance of a manual goal based on the previous period (((a - (a * .0444)) - b) / b)*100

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This would be a great addition! We use TDATE and FDATE regularly but there may be so much more that we could use but don’t know it exists.