Documentation for Writing Expressions?

Is there additional documentation for writing expressions? I have been doing a lot of my data manipulation in SQL but would like to get better at writing expressions in Phocas. I found some examples in the provided documentation, but it doesn’t get very deep and I am guessing there is a lot more that can be done in regards to writing expressions.

I would like to create calculated columns in Custom Mode but need to get better at the Syntax when writing expressions.

I’d be inclined to encourage you to continue to do as much as possible in SQL. My view of a reporting system is that it should easy to use, hence the data should be formatted and manipulated as cleanly as possible before it is given to the user to build a report from.

If there’s a one off report or something that needs something creative that’s fine, but if likely to be useful to all or used more regularly then get it in as a measure, dimension or property.

I’m not sure how flexible the calculations are in Phocas outside of standard calcs and the odd SQL statement.

I agree. There are some expression i want to do in Phocas (I wish i could think of the exact expressions but can’t seem to remember now)

There are some basic ones that i think are not described properly.