Statement dates Period



Our company has a “Statement Month” that is different from the calendar month. It runs from the 27th to the 26th of the next month. I need to determine how to build a Custom Period in Phocas based on those dates - so that no matter how many days are in a particular month, the report will only include data between the 27th of the previous month to the 26th of current month. Has anyone accomplished something like this?


Hi - you can create a custom period map that mirrors this date criteria. Please see the following link;

You need to make sure that no dates overlap and that you have the following 4 fields;

  • Name
  • Start
  • End
  • Year

Once this has been created and uploaded, you will need to summarize the build by these periods so they can then be selected within Phocas. I hope this helps, but if not please let me know.




Lee, Thank you for the reply. I had seen this ability and I can/will create the new period with all of the distinct moments. I was just hoping to be able to create a period that specified the beginning and ending dates of the month - regardless of the month / year - a period that will start on the 27th and end on the next 26th in 2019 or 2028. If there is another way to accomplish this please let me know. In the meantime I will create the period moments with the hard-coded days/months/years for a two year span. Thanks again! Ted