Custom Period settings don't match in the different ways to set periods

It seems odd that changing the period is not uniform in all areas:

  1. Administrator - Database Periods

There is no option for Special settings

  1. Custom Period in Grid

No option for Special or Offset

  1. Add User Specific in Grid

Best level of flexibility - can use Offset and Special - why is this not the default throughout the site?


Big yes from me, one consistent full feature period definition screen.

Hi @StuartH,
The period range you create in your 2nd screen shot will not be saved after you leave your phocas session - which is why you cannot add offset periods. If you do want to save and retrieve a period range, the best way, as you mention, is to use the third option.
Under the first screenshot, which special settings would you expect to see?

Yeah I understand it isn’t saved but sometimes it’s easier to understand x months ago rather than from and to.

To be fair my first screen shot was of the monthly option but I truly mean on the days as per the other ones. I do think that across all screens though there should the option for “First Month of Year” and the ability to select MTD in the previous period to make a YTD to the day