New period called "Prompt"

I would like to see a new period called Prompt. It could actually be 3:

Prompt (Day)
Prompt (Month)
Prompt (Year)

When a person opens a favorite it would immediately open the selection for the selected prompt that is chosen on the favorite.

I have a few favorites that people use and they need to change the dates every time they go into it. If we had a prompt period it would save that step of every time going to custom.



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Hi @MikeJ could you expand on this a little bit? Is that because the period is defaulting to YTD and they only want to see the last 7 days or something? Or are they truly picking a different time period all the time?

Thank you

@paul.osborne What made me think about this is I have a favorite that I made for each of my branches that has a custom period of Yesterday. It shows every item that was sold in their branch yesterday and if the price was changed or not. It works great and they use it everyday.

The problem I have is when one of these users is sick. They do not use Phocas enough to know how to change my custom date range to select the date they were gone for. They call me and I run that day for them and email it.

That made me think about a period called Prompt (Day). I could make a second favorite with that period and if they are gone, they would use that one. Upon opening that favorite it would automatically prompt them to select the day they wanted. Basically it would just open the custom and be set to day so they could put in the date they wanted and did not have to go look for where to do it.

I do realize it is an issue of training but some of these users just use it for one report and that is it. I think adding in the Prompt (Month) and Prompt (Year) would just be an easy addition and I am sure other people might find useful.

As a workaround you could put text instructions right on the screen. On a dashboard you can minimize the line so the user would have to expand it to see a paragraph of text or image or whatever.

Could you setup an email subscription so that it’s emailed to them every morning? That way if they’re out sick it’ll be in their inbox waiting for them when they return?

This is what we actually do.

Now that I think about it, it was when we have issues with SYNC not finishing or the DB’s not building that caused all the problems. It would email an empty Excel file.

We were having issues where that would happen once a week. Now it just happens once a month or so.

@MikeJ could you change it to show the last 5 or 7 days maybe? That way if something happened on a given day it would most likely be fixed by the next day and still deliver like normal?

Actually I can’t. The report shows all the material that was sold yesterday and will be billed today. They have to review the items before billing is done to make sure nothing is going through at a wrong price. It is a legacy of when they used to print the batches that they just cannot give up.

This might help you - I find it useful particularly with Custom reports.