Dynamic Column Headers

Would it be possible to have dynamic column headers on queries in Custom Mode? For example, I would like to have column headings that say “Sales for MM/YY” that would automatically update as time moves forward. So, if I was looking at current month sales it would say “Sales for 09/18”, and next month it would read “Sales for 10/18”, all without me having to touch it each month.
I would imagine this would work something like the offset function while specifying date ranges.


Hi Tim,

This is already supported in the product by using the {FDATE} and {TDATE} placeholders for the period captions. At runtime, these return the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ of each period in MMM YYYYY format, like this;

If the custom column is using a range of offsets, you could have a dynamic caption by using “Sales {FDATE} to {TDATE}”, which would look like this at runtime;


This technique is covered in the documentation (in the section ‘Note about column names’); https://help.phocassoftware.com/display/userdoc/Custom+mode


Thanks, Jason! Works like a charm for any date format. I tried it as a custom by day, too. I appreciate it! I moved this into the Tips and Tricks category, since it’s not something that needs to be developed.

I recently discovered {tdate} in the latest Phocas Webinar in the past couple of weeks, nice little gem.

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This topic is already a little older, but my anligen similar is, I insert myself here.

Is there a further development of the placeholder?
for example
Filter Type
Filter Result
there would be some useful things in it.

Greeting Mücke