Custom mode with {FDATE} & {TDATE}


Creating a new custom grid and need to compare this year to previous year position. Calcs are fine but cannot get it in the desired output we will have OCT 18 | Actual and then OCT 17| Actual, but wont allow us to do this as the name of the column is the same i.e. “{FDATE}|Actual”.
Is there a way the grid can accept the same code twice, I understand why the logic is there, but the FDATE/TDATE is a special circumstance:

I am putting in space bars at the moment to create uniqueness as workaround. But can get quite messy.



Hi @JonKemp

Currently, whilst the {tdate}/{fdate} references are themselves pointers to different values, the software currently sees them as the same value and therefore doesn’t allow them on the basis it thinks they are duplicates. I understand this is currently being reviewed.

In the interim, you just need to ensure the names are different in some way, either by adding a numeric value such as {fdate}Actual1 or possibly with a space as you have done.




Hi this has been a pain for me also - I love the date column headings but the inability to have different dates without adding some other text is a pin & makes the heading to wide.
Hope the review leads to changes


Thanks everyone for the suggestion. Lee is correct - this issue has been logged and is currently being reviewed for potential placement into a future release.


I had logged this as an issue as it has prevented me editing several existing Custom queries with many columns. I do not understand why this is not just being fixed rather than reviewed. FDATE and TDATE have worked for years. Functionality clearly changed in a recent release should have reflected the existing functions. Therefore this is a bug not a future feature.


It used to let you do this but changed in an update a few months ago.

I have been in to amend custom reports I already have set up with the {fdate} {tdate} and it has forced me to change the headings that are already there.

Great that it is being looked at. Let’s hope this gets reverted soon as it is a real pain