Bring Columns from a Favourite (but not the Filter)

I sometimes have drilled down and sliced my way to some interesting data in our Sales database, and would love the facility of bringing in the columns I have setup in a separate favourite. Rather than go to my complex Favourite, then have to restart the drilling-down from the beginning.

Potentially at the top of the Custom mode dialog, there is possibly room for a drop-down list of select-able favourites from which to bring in the columns?

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Sounds good. Presume you mean like a saved calculation you can use again and again?

Hi @StuartH, indeed.
A bit like the Favourites list, but for saved complex calculated columns which could be brought to the Custom dialog.


Hi @richj. This is a great suggestion. Can you provide some examples of custom modes you have created which you would like to do this with?

We’re currently planning some improvements to the main query functionality which this could be included.

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Mostly, the scenarios I am talking about is where we are juggling with discounts. Seeing what we can afford to give customers, whilst achieving a fair margin.

So, in this custom view I have calculated the margin made over the last 6 months as it would have been if we hadn’t applied the current discount (D3) and actually applied a new discount (New D3),

Which raises another thing I would Really find useful.
In a Calculation, we can add many measures which get represented as letters, a, b, c, etc. This is great, but it would also be Really great to be able to add some form of either Value, or even better a Variable.

If you look at my example, I have to make the calculation have a percentage slap bang in the middle of a lot of maths. This make me nervous about giving this kind of custom view to someone, hoping that they don’t mess-up the maths just because they want to change the 10 down to a 5.

A way to implement this might be to have a new configurable variable within the Calculation method of the custom screen. At the moment we can add only Measures to a Calculation. In this way the above could be simplified a lot.

Presently I use: (((a/(100-c))x100) - ((((a/(100-c))x100)/100)x 10 ) - b
a is the Sales
b is the Cost
c is the old D3
(I had to change the normal Asterisks in the expression to “x” otherwise the forum mi-interpreted my asterisks as me wanting bold lol)

If we could have d as a variable assigned 10 then make the formula:
(((a/(100-c))x100) - ((((a/(100-c))x100)/100)x d ) - b

Then the person Juggling could just change the variable, rather than have to scroll around in the small expression editing box to get to the figure they need to change.

At least in this way the saved favourite could still be used in dashboards, and shared amongst users, as it’s variables could be contained within the Favourite config?

I hope this makes sense?

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Hi @richj, thank you for the example. That looks like a nifty way of doing simple pricing or forecasting. I’ll add that detail to the logged suggestion.

I’ve also logged a suggestion for “value placeholders in custom mode column calculations” which I think is a great idea. Those calculations can get complicated and that’s a great way to prevent users from breaking the calculation.

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