Creating a query in Custom mode

Hi. Is it possible to create a search query in custom mode please? I am building a table of monthly figures including total sales for the month, budget for the month, sales vs budget etc. For one column I need to use a search query instead of adding a new calculation, measure or variance. I want a column that shows new business in the last month. I can’t find a way to insert a column which will return the search information for this query.

Hi @Kate - I think that may be possible, we may need a little more info about how you define “new business last month” so we could say for certain. Have you been in contact with your Customer Success team? ( I will share this post with them and ask them to follow up with you)

Once we know the requirements we would be happy to help you get that info into your dashboard.

Hi Tom. Thanks for your reply. The criteria for ‘new business last month’ would be customers who for the last 12 months spend equals 0 and then for the month we are looking at spend is greater than 0. With offset dates. Stewart has also offered to help with this so thank you.


Did you end up getting this to work? I would be interested to implement this as well


Hi Patrick,
Unfortunately not. We created a separate favourite in the end and add the extra column in in excel.