New Customers for 2018


I am currently running this advanced search within a dashboard and the data it is giving me is incorrect. When I search a new customer that the report gives me, there is history of them ordering in 2017.

What other way is there to search for new customers?


Thanks in advance!



One pitfall you could run into trying to do it by sales, would be if a customer has purchased material say, it 2017, then returned it. They’re sales would net out to “0”. Then if they have sales in 2018, they would show up as a “new” customer.

The best way to do go about it is going to depend on your source data, and what fields you have available to you. In our case, we’ve got a “Date Created” field on our customer records. We’ve included that in as an available property on our customers in Phocas, so we can simply filter based on the date the customer was created.

Maybe you have this available, or can possibly get it added to Phocas, if it’s available in your source/erp data.


Hi there,

I set Account Creation Date up as a property for our customers and then each of our state managers receives a copy of the new customers YTD each month with their credit limit, rep code and sales YTD into their inbox from the subscription to the favourite I created for each state.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: