Customer scorecard


Hello again. Just wondering if anyone would be willing to share examples of their customer score card with me please. Looking for ideas of what to include and how to lay it out! Thank you.


Hello @Kate

Currently we use;

Customer list
At the top (so i can then select and ‘focus’ on particular customer - this then updates the rest of the information on the dash). this includes info like the Designated Account manager, etc etc.

Regularly ordered items
Showing top 10 items that are ordered (rather than by value or qty… for repeat sales, we look at how often they order something to ensure we keep getting the repeats!) We have 2 tables side by side for this - one is for all customers (“Is Filterable” - Select ‘No’), then we clone this table and have the other one as “Is Filterable” as ‘Yes’. We can then quickly see if there are any differences and and find opportunities.

Products By Value
Same as above, but with a different variable - just clone the whole line in the dashboard, then you can tweak the variables.

Products By Volume
Same again.

Drop Offs
Product sales - variance of product quantity sales - what a customer bought in the period 12-24 months ago, but not in the last 0-12.

Ideas in mind for going forward

  • CRM Snapshot/Click through - from the scorecard you can see who/what/why regarding the last contact with the customer, and then click through for more info if you want.
  • Suggested Product list - list generated from the above reports (drop-offs, popular lines, etc.) so that the scorecard suggests a list of products for the sales team to target sell to the customer. Not sure if this is possible or not at this stage… will have to consult the team @phocasbot @Neil.Cooper .

Good luck in getting set up!



Hi! To find out what I can do, say @phocasbot display help.


Hi @Kate

I have a customer scorecard with the following metrics:

Top - query widgets:
12-month numbers for Customer sales, branch sales, customer TYPE sales - all with variance from previous 12 months

Next section - summary number widgets:
Year-to-date numbers for sales invoiced, open sales, bid dollars, GP%, YTD sales difference year-over-year, order conversion rate, avg. sales per order, avg. lines per order

Next - pie graphs and query:
Top 15 Price Lines YTD, Top 10 order sources, and product types

Finally - query widgets:
Price line increases/decreases year-over-year, and specific product sales increase/decrease year-over year

It seems like a lot, but between “Focus”-ing in multiple ways, searching, and sorting, a lot of information can be extracted and viewed in this single dashboard.